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10 Jul. 19

Who to Call for Clogged Pipes

If the restroom in your office constantly experiences toilet or drains clogs or you think you have a toilet leak in the ladies’ restroom, the good news is that these are not uncommon scenarios, but attempting to fix them on your own is ill advised. Plumbing repairs like these, especially when they occur in an office or restaurant setting, are best left to a professional.  At Pros Plumbing we see these types of situations all the time and we know how to handle them quickly and efficiently when you call. We are trained technicians who know that as a manager or a business owner, time is money and you’ll want to get your employees back to feeling comfortable in their space again with minimal disruption to their routine. And not having the use of a restroom, especially with a non-functioning toilet, can be a big cause for concern. Not to mention if there is an odor that permeates into your office space as a result of a clogged sink or toilet. Not fun! 

Trust the Experts to Fix the Problem Fast 

One of our courteous, highly-trained technicians at Pros Plumbing will replace your toilet with state-of-the-art parts that can conserve water and maybe save you money in the long run! Have you noticed that your water bill has been consistently higher each month? Then your toilet is definitely leaking. This isn’t the easiest thing to detect, but our professional technicians are trained to see what your eye cannot. Stop wasting money with every flush, Google “a plumber near me,” and get the experience and knowledge that you pay for when you enlist the expert Pros Plumbing team of technicians. Let us fully inspect your office space to see where we can install more efficient plumbing that will save you money.  

 If Your Business or Office is in Need of a Bathroom Makeover, Call a Professional Plumber 

Are your toilets and sinks old and outdated? Do your employees complain about how they sometimes don’t flush and how easily the drains clog not to mention their unattractive appearance? If you’re a business or a restaurant owner who values your employees and customers comfort, you might want to update the restrooms. Speak with one of our skilled plumbing technicians if you are planning to renovate an office, restaurant or school restroom, or likewise if you are planning to renovate a commercial building. Our expert plumbers can install new toilets, faucets, appliances, or even lay new pipes, and advise you of any old pipes that need to be replaced in your building.  

When it comes to finding the best plumber in South Florida, you want to make sure to choose a company that is seasoned in both residential and commercial plumbing. If you Google “professional plumber near me,” chances are you will come across the expert services of Pros Plumbing, a trusted residential and commercial plumbing company that services the South Florida area, especially Miami and Hialeah, Miami Lakes, Pembroke Pines, Kendall, and Homestead. Remember, choose a plumber that is dependable, reliable and offers years of experience. Pros Plumbing also provides 4/7 emergency services. Call us for a free quote today at ((305) 267-4214).